About the Firm

The Jacksonville-based Ezell Law Firm focuses on all aspects of commercial real estate, land development and government relations but also offer expertise in corporate and business association law, probate administration and various aspects of estate planning. The firm’s overarching mission, says founding partner Brenda Ezell, is making high-quality legal representation available to a wide variety of clients at a reasonable and predictable cost.

During her years in private practice and as an Assistant General Counsel for the City of Jacksonville, Ezell saw the consequences of inadequate legal representation all too often.

“I’ve seen cases where people have spent their life savings on a business or a piece of property without hiring a lawyer because they were afraid of the cost, only to later discover there were liens against the property or problems with the contract. Eventually they have to hire a lawyer anyway to try to resolve these issues at a higher cost than they would likely have paid in the first place.”

Tired of seeing individuals and businesses spend huge amounts of time and money on damage control, and disenchanted by traditional hourly billing practices, Ezell formed her own firm in 2009. Right away, she instituted a flat-fee pricing schedule based on deliverables rather than hours worked.

“It was wonderful to toss away the timesheets and simply concentrate on getting the job done in the best possible way,” said Ezell, “and the flat fee structure puts the client at ease right from the beginning. If they need to call me, they call me — without worrying about it! As someone who knows what it’s like to watch every dollar, I don’t want financial fear to keep away clients who really do need legal representation. “

Ezell is serious about financial predictability; she doesn’t charge for an initial consultation and may even recommend another attorney based on the client’s specific needs. “The most important thing is ensuring that the client’s interests are served,” she concluded.

So far, the Ezell Firm’s service-oriented business model has been a recipe for success. In September of 2010, the Firm relocated to a larger space to accommodate its growing practice.

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