The Ezell Law Firm is pleased to offer its clients flat-fee pricing based on deliverables in lieu of traditional hourly billing, providing clients with certainty during these uncertain times.

When opening the firm in 2009, founding partner Brenda Ezell immediately adopted the flat-fee model, in part because of the economic challenges of the time, but mostly because it was beneficial to clients and removed the administrative headaches of hourly billing.

“I love what I do,” she said, “but I was always unhappy with traditional billing. I wanted to be able to concentrate on serving the client rather than counting every minute I devoted to their project.”

“In addition, I believe that hourly billing discourages clients from seeking legal representation when they need it,” Ezell continued. “I’ve seen cases where people have spent their life savings on a business or a piece of property without hiring a lawyer because they were afraid of the cost, only to later discover there were liens against the property or problems with the contract. Eventually they have to hire a lawyer anyway to try to resolve these issues at a higher cost than they would likely have paid in the first place.”

Although the Ezell firm was one of the first in Jacksonville to adopt flat-fee pricing, other firms are now following suit. “Especially in tough economic times, people want and need financial predictability,” said Ezell, “and this pricing structure provides that. For me, it also provides greater professional satisfaction, because I know that I don’t have to worry about anything but doing my best for the client and it allows me a better opportunity to build relationships with my clients and to learn more about each client’s specific needs.”

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